SINOCES 2017 Usheres in “Smart+” New Reform in Sept


The days from Sept. 22nd to 25th will witness the convoking of high-profile China International Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (short for SINOCES) at the Qingdao International Convention Center. SINOCES 2017 will bring a new consumer electronics industry feast to the visitors on the subject of "Smart+ benefiting the world". On the basis of "Platformization" in the past year, this year's exhibition will continue to get through the consumer electronics upstream-downstream industry chain, introduce the most advanced consumer electronics all over the world, and concentratively demonstrate the most innovative consumer electronics black technologies so as to open up a new era of smart life, leading the new reform of intelligence future.

New Theme——New Ideas of Consumer Electronics Are Elucidated by Brand-new Theme

Entering the intelligent era, smart consumer electronics have been penetrating into the life and work in all aspects. SINOCES 2017, themed "Intelligence+ benefiting the world", follows the latest trends in the development of consumer electronics so as to successfully run an intelligent technology show. The theme------"Smart+ benefiting the world" is in line with the life penetration of intellectualization and smartness, director of SINOCES Organizing Committee said. As the smart life solution gets mature, its future guideline becomes clearer. With the advantage of platformization exhibition, it hopes that intelligent technologies and talents of the global consumer electronics industry flocked to SINOCES to stir up an international feast oriented by applying related intelligent concepts and technologies to the life, where people can experience the subversive changes brought by intelligent technologies, and fuel intelligent technologies to popularize and apply in a wider range.

New Highlights——Black Technologies of Consumer Electronics Wonderfully Debut

As the only professional international show of consumer electronics approved by the State Council, SINOCES leads the new trend of consumer electronics every year. For example, in the field of smart home consumption, some smart appliances firms, such as Haier, Hisense, Aucma, will release new products in SINOCES every year.

At present, in order to actively lead the new technology to fuel the consumer electronics industry transformation, six special exhibition grounds have been set up in SINCOES 2017, including smart home, intelligent security, virtual reality and intelligent hardware, 3D printing and intelligent robots, big data and cloud computing, e-sports, which involves eight categories of latest technologies and trends, like drone, smart home big data/cloud computing, VR/AR/MR, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, 3D printer and mobile interconnection, covering all consumer electronics segmentation growth points. SINOCES is establishing an integrated experience platform of consumer electronics, driving a breakthrough transformation in consumer electronics industry. It is worth noting that, it is the first performance premiere for big data/cloud computing and e-sports in SINOCES.

New Progress——Remarkable Results Have Been Achieved Through Platformization Exhibition

Adhering to the conviction of "platformization", SINOCES is committed to not only creating a fantastic consumer electronics feast, but also integrating upstream-downstream industry resources and striving to forge a consumer electronics industry development platform based on same industry chain. So China (International) 3D Printing Festival, Special International Procurement Talks and High-quality Summit Forum will be mounted in SINOCES 2017. While world class consumer electronics brand being created and global latest technology trends flowing into China's new window, its necessary to promote consumer electronics, technology and services wisdom in China to export abroad, forming the international new power for industry development. According to the data of 2016, the total turnover of domestic trade amounted to 690 million RMB, the total export intention turnover of 216 million dollars, which indicate that platform benefits of SINCOES have become increasingly obvious, playing a positive role in promoting global trade development.

New Expectation——“Wisdom in Chinaplays a leading role in SINOCES 2017

In the field of consumer electronics, the transformation from "Made in China" to "Wisdom in China" will be made for the reason that electronic manufacturers originally relying on OEM production have gradually changed from behind the curtain to the stage, launching independent R&D consumer electronics products. In the upcoming SINOCES 2017, a mass of "Wisdom in China" products will appear, covering from our independent R&D 3D printer to robots performing industrial production. SINOCES, as the only professional international exhibition of consumer electronics approved by the State Council, has continuously focused on the development trends of China's consumer electronics, and vigorously introduced consumer electronics firms owning independent R&D capabilities, Director of SINOCES Organizing Committee said, "Wisdom in China" has evolved into a new wave. SINOCES will be held in September this year, and a mass of "Wisdom in China" firms will debut. Through the platformization exhibition, "Wisdom in China" firms would go to global and leave impress in the international stage.