High Tech Seat Make Flight More Enjoyable

Large screens can join together to show live panoramic video from cameras outside the plane
·Screen controlled by a wave of the hand through gesture cameras
·Seats can adjust their shape, size and cushioning via a screen - and even allow couples to snuggle up together
Will these make flying economy bearable?
Researchers today unveiled this concept for 'living seats' complete with giant touchscreens that can fit inside an airbus A380.
Created by German design student Jan Meissner, it boasts everything from smart seats that adjust to make passengers more comfortable to giant screens that can show live video from the outside of the plane across whole rows to create panoramic screens.
The large screen can either work as touchscreen,s or be controlled through motion sensors so passengers can sit back and still control them.
The semitransparent plates allow for privacy, lett still let passengers see into the cockpit.
Passengers can even join their screens together to form giant panoramic screens and watch live video from the outside of the craft, and play interactive games on the 'double screens'.
The concept was designed by Meissner to fit inside a standard A380.
The seats can alter their shape, cushioning and size at the touch of a button, allowing passengers to have privacy from themir fellow passengers, or even make it easier for couples to turn them into one large seat.
'COS offers families and couples to create a dedicated space during the flight,' he said.
'Separators and sight-sails create a microclimate and privacy, furthermore closer contact with family members or partners.
'The dual armrests and side support form a continuous bank if recessed.'
The entertainment and user interface of COS takes place on the complete backplate-shell of the front row, he said.